With the news finally out that Zack Snyder is finally bringing his version of 'Justice League' to screens next year, the question now is how different it will be from what we all saw two years ago.

There are been conflicting reports about how much of Zack Snyder's vision made it into the theatrical version, with some claiming that only 10% made it in, while Snyder himself has said it was something closer to a quarter. Either way, the rumour mill has begun and early estimates put the Snyder Cut at something close to four hours.

What's more, reporting by TheWrap has it that a budget of up to $30 million has been set aside for new CGI, new scoring, and ADR with the cast, but strictly no reshoots with any of the main cast. Per TheWrap, Snyder wanted to conduct reshoots and additional photography. However, HBO Max firmly rejected the proposal.

Moreover, this version of the movie will not see any further spinoffs nor will it continue Zack Snyder's plans for the wider DC Cinematic Universe. "This movie is basically one and done. This is to... close the loop, to finish the story," said TheWrap's Umberto Gonzalez.

This ties in with just about every other piece of news out there about the future of the DC stable for Warner Bros. With Robert Pattinson locked in as Batman, 'Wonder Woman 1984' due to be released next month, and some kind of sequel expected for 'Shazam!' and 'Aquaman', team-up movies like 'Justice League' just aren't going to happen any time soon.

What's more, given how 'Justice League' proved to be so unwieldy to direct and how it ended up losing money, Warner Bros. likely won't want to take another stab at this sort of thing for quite some time. The closest they've come to that is another stab at 'The Suicide Squad' with James Gunn, but given how unclear the current cinematic landscape is, who knows when that will arrive?