'Joker' starring Joaquin Phoenix is reportedly getting a sequel. And you can't be surprised, really, given it made a mint at the box office - $1 billion against a $60 million budget.

The 'Joker' followup will see Joaquin Phoenix return as the titular anti-hero, aka Arthur Fleck.

Director Todd Phillips is back too.

Phillips wrote the screenplay for 'Joker' with Scott Silver and it's likely the pair will pen the sequel too.

According to a report from THR, the success of Phillips' flick also earned him the rights to at least one other DC story.

This is highly unusual as all other DC deals are typically for one film only.

Which character or characters he has the rights to remain unknown but as with his recent hit, it'll be another origins story.

Sources say the director will earn close to $100 million by the time this year's hit finishes its box office run.

What the sequel will be about is unclear. However it will not cover Bruce Wayne's origins (as gestured in the Joaquin Phoenix starrer) as 'The Batman' is around the corner for Warner Bros.