The writer and director of 2018's 'A Quiet Place' wasn't a massive fan of the horror genre before creating the movie - and maybe that's the secret to its success.

It turns out that John Krasinski and horror movies aren't the natural match that we presumed they always were - or at least, they didn't use to be. Krasinski's smash hit 'A Quiet Place' had audiences scared stiff when it was released in theatres, with many of us afraid to even make a sound with our popcorn.

And just as the sequel is ready to be released in cinemas this month, the creator appeared on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' to talk about attending birthday parties hosted by his pal Ryan Reynolds, and how '80s horror movies starred him as a child. Little did he know that revisiting the genre many years later would create an international hit.

The star of 'The Office US' also did his trademark Jim Halpert look to camera, after some less-than-subtle attempts from Colbert.

Krasinski mentions that 'A Quiet Place' was a love letter to his children... we'll allow him to explain in his interview with the host below.

The actor also taught host Stephen Colbert how to do a Boston accent, which he expertly showed off in a recent Superbowl advert for Hyundai with Rachel Dratch and Chris Evans - "Smaht Pahk".

John Krasinki's horror 'A Quiet Place 2', starring his wife Emily Blunt, will be released in Irish cinemas on March 19th.