It was only last month that Jared Leto was reportedly confirmed to star in a standalone origin film based on The Joker - but if you're a fan of the iconic villain, you may (or may not) be happy to know that there's a second movie on the way.

Rumours of Joaquin Phoenix's involvement caused some confusion amongst fans, but now it appears that Phoenix is confirmed for a totally separate origins film, directed by Todd Phillips, that will see him play The Joker.

Warner Bros. confirmed the news with The Hollywood Reporter, revealing that shooting will start as early as September with a rumoured budget of around $55 million - not a huge amount by blockbuster standards. However, it's believed that the Phoenix/Phillips film is seen as a means to 'experiment' and is separate from the other spin-offs of the DC universe (Wonder Woman, Aquaman et al), with the studio calling it an "exploration of a man disregarded by society" and “not only a gritty character study, but also a broader cautionary tale".

There is speculation that it will also have a quick turnaround and may be in cinemas as early as late 2019.

It's unclear where this leave's Leto's Joker project, which is still in development (also at Warner Bros.) and will be a part of the same world as 'Justice League' and 'Suicide Squad'. Either way, we can expect to hear more about Phoenix's film at next weekend's San Diego Comic-Con.