The Oscars were kicked off in fantastic style last night, with Janelle Monae bringing the house down and earning herself a standing ovation from Hollywood's biggest movie stars.

A jazz number to end all jazz numbers, Janelle Monae's 'Come Alive' was a six-minute opening which got everyone's blood pumping for the inevitable three hour ceremony about to get underway. She made sure to reference plenty of the night's nominees, as well as getting the A-listers sitting in the audience to sing along with her, such as Brie Larson and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Dressed in her trademark tuxedo and quiff, Monae was joined on stage by dancers dressed as various characters from movies during the past year - including 'Little Women', 'Dolemite Is My Name', and 'Midsommar'.

Unbeknownst to himself, Tom Hanks was also part on Monae's opening, with her placing her bowler hat on top of his head. And sure he only looks delighted to have been gifted with a new hat - just look at that face.

Billie Porter joined Monae on stage half-way through, wearing a stage-stealing golden cloak, to help belt out 'I'm Still Standing' by Elton John.

However, Monae stirred the Oscar's pot by singing "Oscars so white" during the performance, as well as referencing all of the various female directors nominated on the night... oh that's right, there aren't any.

She also said to the packed Dolby Theatre in Hollywood: "I'm so proud to stand here as a black, queer artist, telling stories. Happy Black History month!"

Be sure to check out her full number - the "Oscars so white" moment happens around the 2.30 mark in the video below.

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