There are many, many movies that probably wouldn't work in today's world of interconnected social media.

'Independence Day', directed by Roland Emmerich, is one that probably fits that description. You just know that if aliens really did land over major population centres and started blasting recognisable symbols of human achievement, there'd be all sorts of crap going on via Twitter about it.

You'd have idiots saying that the footage was faked, that it was actually a good thing that the White House was destroyed (depending on President Bill Pullman was a Democrat or Republican) and here in Ireland, we'd probably looking on at all of this, aghast and glad that no alien craft has attempted to destroy Dublin or Cork. As much as we as a nation all love Michael D. Higgins, can you imagine him jumping into a fighter jet to lead the remnants of humanity in a last-ditch battle?

Well, you can experience all of that silliness via the Twitter account, @1996ID4, which is tweeting the events of 'Independence Day' like it's happening in real-time. Seeing as yesterday was Independence Day, the end credits have rolled, but you can look back over and see where and when certain scenes in the movie happened.

For example, there's a tweet-by-tweet breakdown of when Washington was attacked, or when the alien craft came over the Empire State Building. It's pretty impressive stuff for, if nothing else, the level of commitment it goes into.

Doubt they'll cover 'Independence Day: Resurgence', though.