Normality is creeping back into society once again - but the tricky subject of the Irish pubs has reached bizarre new heights.

From Monday, June 29 the reopening of Irish pubs can once again get underway. According to Failte Ireland, who have received guidance from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre, pubs and sit-in restaurants across the country can reopen as long as they stick to strict new guidelines.

The most important factors are that pubs will have to offer patrons a "substantial meal", the price of which shouldn't be under €9, if they wish to reopen on this date; and customers wishing to stay less than 90 minutes in a pub can reduce the social distance between other customers to one metre, after which time it goes back up to the usual two metres. Confusing stuff.

Also, Leo Varadkar has said that up to 5,000 people could meet in outdoor gatherings from September if the current dip in cases continues.

Here's some of the best responses to the news of the reopening of Irish pubs that we've spotted on Twitter, where the memes are always strong.