Everyone loves Christmas and everyone loves a game, so we're bringing you some seasonal quizzes.

There are a number of definitive features when it comes to Christmas movies. There are quotes, characters, distinctive Santas. And then there's the house, all decked out and covered in snow for the season.

You'd think that having seen such festive flicks as 'Home Alone' and 'Love Actually' over and over, you'd recognise the homes that feature in them at once.

But remember these Christmas houses only typically show up in a handful of shots for mere seconds, if even. So even quiz masters and the biggest Christmas movie fans might struggle. Plus we haven't given multiple choice (dun dun duuuun).

See if you can guess which Christmas movie the house belongs to in these 11 pictures.

Please note that misspellings and inaccuracies might not be recognised, so be specific with the title and spelling.

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