Here's the ultimate in "Wanna feel old?" moments - 'Home Alone' turns 30 years old today.

It's the go-to film when it comes to Christmastime in many a household. 'Home Alone' hit cinemas on 16 November, 1990, and alongside 'Ghost' and 'Pretty Woman', was one of the highest grossing movies of the year.

For a time, it was the highest grossing live-action comedy ever (until 'The Hangover II' overtook it in 2011) and it was also one of the highest selling videos ever, for a period.

The movie made Macaulay Culkin a household name and remains among John Hughes' most beloved scripts and director Chris Columbus' best works.

Other films would mimic turning one's house into a boobie trap (even Bond feature 'Skyfall' had a go of it). But none beat the original.

There's a reboot of 'Home Alone' currently in the works.

You can watch the 1990 movie - and its two sequels - on Disney+ now.

For the day that's in it, why not test how well you remember the 1990 movie?

No googling or other cheating allowed. Be sure to let us know how you do in the comments on Facebook.


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