It'll come as no surprise that the movie business continues to make multi-millionaires of actors and actresses, but it seems that Netflix has a lot to do with that these days.

The salaries of the biggest players in Hollywood have been revealed and a large portion of many of them are attributed to the streaming service.

For example, Variety reports that the likes of Ryan Reynolds is receiving  a flabbergasting sums -  $27 million - for starring in Netflix Original movie 'Six Underground'. Will Smith, meanwhile, is reported to earn a prospective $35 million for his role in 'Bright 2'. That's a hell of a lot more than traditional movie studios can offer stars these days, although those figures don't account for the 'percentage of the profits' clause that many actors include in their contracts with regular studios.

And the likes of Robert Downey Jr. and The Rock can still command large sums for their non-Netflix roles, as you'll see below.

Gis a lend of a fiver, lads?

Ryan Reynolds - $27 million (Six Underground/Netflix)

Dwayne Johnson  - $20 million (Fast & Furious presents: Hobbs & Shaw/Universal)

Robert Downey Jr. - $20 million (The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle/Universal)

Will Smith - $17 million (Bad Boys for Life/Sony)

Jason Statham - $13 million (Fast & Furious presents: Hobbs & Shaw/Universal)

Tom Cruise - $12 - 14 million (Top Gun: Maverick/Paramount)

Emily Blunt - $12 - 13 million (A Quiet Place 2/Paramount)

Brad Pitt - $10 million (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood/Sony)

Gal Gadot - $10 million (Wonder Woman: 1984/Warner Bros.)

Leonardo DiCaprio - $10 million (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood/Sony)

Margot Robbie - $10 million (Birds of Prey/Warner Bros.)

Idris Elba - $8 million (Fast & Furious presents: Hobbs & Shaw/Universal)

Ben Affleck - $8 million (Triple Frontier/Netflix)

Kristen Stewart - $7 million (Charlie's Angels/Sony)

Martin Lawrence - $6 million (Bad Boys for Life/Sony)

Joaquin Phoenix - $4.5 million (Joker/Warner Bros.)

Jessica Chastain - $2.5 million (IT: Chapter 2/Warner Bros.)