Although Daft Punk's soundtrack on 'Tron: Legacy' was very much within their wheelhouse, Thomas Bangalter - one half of the duo - has gone out and made a truly weird song for Gaspar Noe's upcoming psychedelic horror, 'Climax'.

The song title, 'Sangria', is taken from a plot device in the movie itself, which sees a group of dancers head out into the woods and begin drinking sangria which they don't realise is laced with LSD. What follows, according to our review on site, "shocks and repulses, with the final hour proving an endurance test."

Yeah, so naturally enough, Thomas Bangalter's feature track is going to be just the same. Don't expect 'Get Lucky', in other words. Have a listen and see what you make of it.

Maybe you need to take serious amounts of LSD in order to enjoy it.