Although it's finally been confirmed that Danny Boyle is taking on Bond with Daniel Craig attached to star and a screenplay from John Hodge, there's been little in the way of news on plot or even who Bond will be facing off against.

While rumours from last year suggested a character known as "Shatterhand" - which was an alias of Bond villain Blofeld - another rumour has made its way online that points to a potential casting for 'Bond 25'.

According to, none other than Helena Bonham Carter is being courted for the lead villain of the as-yet untitled film. Their source claims that it's a toss-up between either Angelina Jolie or Carter to play the villain, with producers apparently favouring the British actor for the role.

Carter is best known to audiences for her role in the Harry Potter franchise as the sadistic Bellatrix Lestrange, and recently signed on to replace Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret in the next season of 'The Crown', which is currently in production and is expected on Netflix some time in 2019.

While no release date has been set for 'Bond 25' as of yet, production is due to kick off on December 3rd of this year with Universal hoovering up the worldwide rights to the franchise. This would mean that Carter could potentially have her work done on 'The Crown' in time to star in 'Bond 25', but as of yet, none of this has been officially confirmed.

So, over to you, would Helena Bonham Carter work as a villain?