"Hot Christmas" is the new working title for the upcoming Marvel film, but production has been pushed back to not start until February 2021. 

Working titles for films are always very cryptic and a little bit questionable, such as when the first 'Avengers' movie was given the working title of "Group Hug"; or Christopher Nolan's immensely secret film "Rory's First Kiss" turning out to be 'The Dark Knight' with Heath Ledger. However, we already know that "Hot Christmas" will be the third 'Guardians' instalment, and the working title is a clue as to what comic-book storyline the movie may be including for their next big screen outing.

Rumours are flying about that Marvel superhero Adam Warlock could be making an appearance in 'Vol. 3'. In the comics, Warlock has a strong affiliation with the rag-tag intergalactic team, and has just about every cool superpower you could think of. The character has been rumoured to be making an appearance ever since 'The Guardians' first hit our screens, with some fans believing he might even have a role in the upcoming 'Infinity War' sequel next year. 

It's all speculation for now, so we'll have to wait and see next summer if there's any traces of Warlock in Thanos' finger-snap follow-up

'The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3' has been a hot topic recently, as director and writer James Gunn was fired from the trilogy and has since jumped ship to Warner Brother's DC franchise. Word on the street is that 'Vol. 3' still plans on using Gunn's script, even though no new director has been attached yet. The actor who plays Drax in the franchise, Dave Bautista, has famously claimed that he will quit if Gunn isn't rehired as director - so it's been quite a tumultuous ride for the movie already, to say the least.