As the release date for 'Zack Snyder's Justice League' draws near, more and more rumours are circulating about what's in store for those die-hards who campaigned for years for it, and those who stood by and let it happen.

The original plan for 'Justice League' was for it to be the launchpad of a shared universe exactly like Marvel's efforts, but given how poorly it performed with critics and box office figures, that all went away pretty quickly. Not unlike another DC superhero, Green Lantern, who was supposed to have his own franchise.

Sadly for Ryan Reynolds, it was an outright mess and he's since utilised it as a way to self-deprecate himself at any given point. At any rate, rumours began to swirl over the weekend that Green Lantern would return in 'Zack Snyder's Justice League' after an article in Vanity Fair pointed towards a massive cameo in the movie's final moments.

Speculation is raging as to who that might be, and many believed it would be none other than Ryan Reynolds back in the green spandex as Green Lantern. Apparently not, according to Reynolds.

Here's what he had to say.

While Ryan Reynolds' time with Green Lantern is over and done with, the question still remains - who's going to be that cameo at the end? Our guess? Probably Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam, or failing that, someone new in the role of Green Lantern.

There still remains a question mark over how 'Justice League' will land in Ireland, whether it's on premium VOD or if they're going to hold off until cinemas are open. Either way, we've no way of knowing what that cameo will be until then.