Just one year shy of its 20th anniversary, the star of the teenage action film franchise is sharing his thoughts on where he imagines the secret agent is, all these years later.

Trying to save the world as a teenager isn't an easy task (see 'Harry Potter', 'Spy Kids', 'Spider-Man', 'Power Rangers' etc), so it's safe to admit that by the time they become fully-fledged adults, they might finally be able to let themselves go. At least that's what Frankie Muniz, the star of 'Agent Cody Banks', thinks of his titular secret agent.

The family comedy film proved to be a popular enough cinema release in 2003, mostly down to the 'Malcolm In The Middle' star leading the film about a teenager who gets recruited by the CIA. Alongside 'Lizzie McGuire' star Hilary Duff on board as his love interest/sidekick, the film was a successful family film, so much so that a sequel, 'Destination London', was ordered for release a year later.

Critic reviews of both movies, however, proved otherwise, and the franchise was culled after the second entry managed to just about break-even at the global box office.

While the franchise might never have popped back into your mind for one moment in the 19 years since its release, Frankie Muniz has taken to Twitter to shed light on where Agent Cody Banks could be after all of this time; he likes to think Banks packed it all in to become an everyday man.

He wrote: "Yo... Agent Cody Banks was a bad ass. And I was Cody Banks. That's bad ass. I wonder if 36-year-old Cody Banks is sitting in bed eating Fritos while shaking his gut, thinking 'I really let myself go' like I'm doing right now. What do you do after you saved the world twice at 16?

"Imagine, you're in trouble and hoping someone will save you. Will it be Batman, James Bond, Captain America? No. It's dad bod Agent Cody Banks that pulled a muscle putting on his shoes.

"Aging Cody Banks."

Muniz has had a pretty quiet acting career in his adult years, following on from his childhood spent filming 'Malcolm In The Middle' and various other comedy movie roles in the 2000s (including 'Big Fat Liar').

Clearing up the "Frankie can't remember filming 'Malcolm'" rumours last year, Muniz told Steve-O on his podcast: "If you search my name, all it talks about is that I have no memory or that I'm dying of strokes. The reality is I finally got diagnosed with just aura-migraines, intense migraines.

"But if you search my name it's basically 'Frankie is dying and he doesn't even know that he was Malcolm'. I'm like 'no I know'."