'Final Destination', the horror franchise of the '00s, is getting a reboot by two writers from the 'Saw' franchise.

THR reports that a "reimagining" of the early '00s horror is currently being scripted by the writers of 'Saw VI' and 'Saw 3D: The Final Chapter', so you know it's going to be just *chef kiss fingers*.

The first in the series of 'Final Destination' movies was directed by James Wong and starred Devon Sawa and Ali Larter. On a budget of $23 million, it eventually went on to make $112 million worldwide. It spawned four sequels and, all told, made over $700 million across the franchise.

Details are light on the reboot, but it's expected to have something to do with death missing a group of teenagers when they were supposed to die, and then running around, trying to escape things falling on them or cars running them over.

It's silly stuff, but 'Final Destination' was one of the few horror franchises that leaned into its own ridiculousness and embraced it, so whether that's enough to keep anyone interested for a reboot remains to be seen.