In case you didn't know - being a "stan" of something means that you're an obsessive fan of a particular celebrity.

Eminem's music video for 'Stan' was released in 2000. It came at a time when we couldn't stop laughing at the hilarious new comedy 'Scary Movie,' nor could we stop reading JK Rowling's latest book, 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'.

For many, 'Stan' stands out as a definite highlight of the early naughties. The song features the story of an Eminem fan who writes letters to the rapper, and then at the end takes it a step too far with his obsession. Here's a reminder of the video to refresh your memory.

Now, Vice recently sat down with actor Devon Sawa, who played Stan in Eminem's music video of the same name. Sawa, who you would have recognised back then as starring in 'Casper' and 'Final Destination,' it turns out he's a stan of Eminem's new album 'Kamikaze'.

Speaking about one of the highlights of his career, Sawa says "It's one of the only projects I did that long ago that I still kind of brag about. Whenever somebody asks me what I've done, it's still the one from back then that I'll be like 'Oh, I was in an Eminem video.' It was iconic."

And on the discussion of the word "stan," the actor said even though it's a real word, he feels at the age of 40, that he's too old to be using it now. He said "I've known what it meant since people started using it. My brother was the first one who sent me the article when it was added to the Oxford English dictionary.

"It's good that the word's official now. Although I can’t say words like 'lit' or 'stan' or any of those and not feel like I'm an old dad. Like 'I totally stan that movie?' Nah, it doesn’t work for me, I'm too old."

After putting his reasons forward as to why Eminem's new album is one of the best for 2018, the actor also said that he nearly didn't do the music video. He explained, "When I did Stan, my agent who I'm still with to this very day advised against it. It was like 'Eminem? C'mon Dev, I dunno about doing a music video.'

"Nobody was really on board with doing it on my team, and I was the only one who was like 'Oh my god, this guy’s really, really good.' So I did it anyways."