Drew Barrymore has a whole slew of credits she's renowned for. Among them, she made a fabulous scream queen in '90s slasher movie 'Scream.'

Her character Casey Becker made a comeback thanks to a sketch on 'The Drew Barrymore Show', which she hosts.

People who've seen 'Scream' will no doubt recall how Casey's life came to a bitter end at the very start of the horror movie.


In the sketch for her show, Barrymore imagines what Casey's life would be like if she hadn't answered that phone.

It's a fun little scenario as Ghostface gets the cold shoulder and complains of being "ghosted."

Check it out.


In other 'Scream'-related news, the fifth of the series is shaping up nicely.

Courteney Cox and Neve Campbell are set to return with the 'Ready or Not' directors at the helm.