'Scream' was one of the few modern horror franchises that managed to contain - on some level, anyway - a pretty good consistency of quality.

A lot of that was down to the fact that Wes Craven was involved as director in all four movies, meaning that he maintained a level of control over it that other franchises didn't have. For example, 'Halloween' only had John Carpenter involved in the first movie, and didn't get involved in any of the subsequent sequels beyond producing them.

Sadly, Wes Craven passed away in 2015 and the franchise has been dormant since then. However, rumours have been circling for some time that 'Scream 5' was on the horizon, or failing that, a total reboot of the franchise.

That now looks to be the case as DiscussingFilm are reporting that 'Ready Or Not' directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett have signed on to direct 'Scream 5'. Per DiscussingFilm's sources, production is due to begin in May with plot details kept heavily under wraps. In fact, all that's known so far is that it will involve a young woman returning to her home town to investigate a series of brutal murders.

As mentioned, it's early days yet so there's been no word on casting or if it'll be connected to the previous four movies. 'Scream' was quite unusual for horrors in that it cast some pretty well-known actors. Courtney Cox, for example, was at her zenith with 'Friends' when 'Scream' out, while Neve Campbell had 'Party of Five' and movies like 'The Craft' under her belt.

So far, no release date has been set, but expect there to be some kind of official announcement and confirmation on all of this in the coming months ahead.