After the truly unexpected box office success of 'Downton Abbey: The Movie', it's only logical that a sequel would surely follow.

Just last month, in fact, rumours were already beginning to circulate that a sequel was in the offing. However, in an interview with Deadline earlier this week, creator Julian Fellowes confirmed what most people pretty much guessed - that a sequel is officially happening.

Right now, no title has been set for the sequel, but our money is on '2 Downton 2 Abbey', or failing that, maybe 'Downton Abbey 2: Back In Action'.

The story goes that Fellowes will begin work on 'Downton Abbey 2: Downton Harder' once his new series for HBO, 'The Gilded Age', hits screens. That series, it must be said, basically is a US version of 'Downton Abbey'. Set in the 1880s, the series follows the opulent lives of millionaire titans in New York with a cast that includes 'The Good Fight' star Christine Baranski and 'Sex and the City' alum Cynthia Nixon.

'The Gilded Age' isn't expected on HBO until later this year, if not 2021, so the likelihood is you won't see 'Downton Abbey 2: Electric Boogaloo' until well into 2022, if not 2023.

Here's hoping the climate apocalypse before then.