Actor-turned-director Leigh Whannell has led one fascinating career.

Leigh popped up in 'The Matrix Reloaded' and more recently, 'Aquaman'. He also created the 'Saw' franchise alongside colleague James Wan; and he's exec producer on its latest chapter 'Spiral'.

'The Invisible Man' is the third feature he has directed after 'Insidious: Chapter 3' and the vastly underrated 'Upgrade'.

His name has been floating around the John Carpenter 'Escape from New York' remake of late.

It's been reported that the writer-director will pen the script after 'Luther' creator Neil Cross completed an iteration of the project.

We got some degree of clarification in our interview with Whannell himself, but the director is keeping his cards close to the chest.

When we asked him about being attached to the project, he said: "It has come up. I always say that it's one of those examples of a press release going out into the world before it was ready. I'm like 'ugh, we were just having a conversation...'

"'Escape from New York' is a movie that I really love. I'm a huge John Carpenter fan and I think there's hardly a director around that's had as good of a run as John Carpenter's 80s run. From like 1980 to 1990, just classics.

"So if I was going to do that, I would have to tread very carefully so we'll see. Maybe, maybe not."

You can watch our interview with Leigh and producer and Blumhouse founder Jason Blum below.

'The Invisible Man' hits cinemas this Friday (28 February) and you can read our review here.