Star of 'Knives Out' Daniel Craig has admitted that he had to work with a dialect coach for the follow-up, 'Glass Onion', as he had forgotten his character's accent.

Craig, who starred as detective Benoit Blanc in the 2019 film, uses a very pronounced Southern drawl. So pronounced, in fact, that he felt he needed to perfect it once again.

"I went away to work with an accent coach for three or four months before we started shooting," Craig told Empire magazine in the publication’s upcoming profile of 'Glass Onion.'

"I’d forgotten the accent and I didn’t want to do a pastiche. I wanted to make it as grounded and as anchored in reality as possible."

Director Rian Johnson revealed the title of the sequel in June. 'Glass Onion', Johnson says, is an "overwrought metaphor" that Blanc can "beat to death" as the mystery unravels. The director also revealed the title is based on a 1968 Beatles song.

"'There's got to be some good glass songs.' I was like, 'Oh, is it a glass fortress? Is it a glass castle? Is it a glass man?' The first thing that came up, because I'm a huge Beatles fan, is 'Glass Onion'."

Upon the film's title reveal, Johnson tweeted that his goal was "to emulate [Agatha] Christie and have every film be like a whole new book, with its own tone, ambition, reason for being… and (ta dah) title."

Last week we got our first images of the upcoming mystery, with a Last Supper style scene being played out involved the main cast.

'Glass Onion' stars Craig alongside a stacked ensemble cast of Kathryn Hahn, Janelle Monae, Kate Hudson, Edward Norton, Leslie Odom Jr., Dave Bautista, Madeline Cline, Jessica Henwick, and Ethan Hawke.

'Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery' launches on Netflix on December 23, but will release in theatres (TBC) before then.