Jon Hamm is getting to spread his comedy wings once again as he takes on the role of the smartass investigator in 'Confess, Fletch'.

Hamm takes over the role from comedy legend Chevy Chase, who brought the character to life on screen nearly forty years ago.

Based on the novels from Gregory McDonald, 'Fletch' follows the now former investigative reporter living in Europe and writing about less dangerous subjects like art and travel when he is hired to find out who stole several million dollars worth of art from a count's villa near Rome.

"Fletch comes to Boston to track down a bunch of stolen paintings, and the first day he's there, he discovers a dead body in the Airbnb he's staying in," said director Greg Mottola to Entertainment Weekly. "The police think he's the murderer, so he has to simultaneously find the stolen art and clear his name."

Mottola has also directed films 'Superbad' and 'Adventureland', as well as episodes of 'Arrested Development'.

Starring alongside Hamm is his 'Mad Men' co-star John Slattery. Marcia Gay Harden, Kyle MacLachlan, Roy Wood Jr. and Lorenza Izzo also star.

Chase first starred as the enigmatic investigative journalist in 1985's 'Fletch'. He then appeared in the follow-up 'Fletch Lives' in 1989.

Mottola explained that, "the reason we didn't ask Chevy Chase to be in it is not because we don't love the original movies, we do, but we thought this should be a new thing."

He also explained that the movie is essentially a continuation of the first two films, and not a reboot.

Watch the trailer below.

'Confess, Fletch' is out in cinemas on September 16.