Questions were raised over how 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever' would deal with the character after the actor's untimely death in August last year.

Marvel's VP of Development, Nate Moore, confirmed the news on The Ringer-verse podcast this week.

"I’m being quite honest," Moore said, "you will not see T’Challa in the MCU."

"We have to figure out how to move this franchise on without that character," he added. "Because I think we all feel so much of T’Challa in the MCU on the screen…is tied to Chadwick’s performance."

Boseman passed away from complications from colon cancer last year. He completed several movies, including 'Black Panther', while battling the illness.

Speaking about Boseman's absence from the new film, Moore said it would bring "a level of, I think, catharsis in people coming back to this universe without [Boseman]…because [Boseman] and the universe are one in the same."

It was confirmed last year that Boseman will not be digitised into the new film. Producer of 'Black Panther' Victoria Alonso said: "There’s only one Chadwick, and he’s no longer with us."

"Sadly, our king has died in real life, not only in fiction, and we’re taking a little time to see how we continue the story and how to honour this chapter of what has unexpectedly happened to us, so painful and terrible to be honest."

'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever' premieres on November 11, 2022. The release date was delayed from the original date of July 8, 2022.