After the passing of Chadwick Boseman in August, questions have been raised about the fate of 'Black Panther 2', which was scheduled for release in 2022.

The trend in recent years of digitising certain deceased actors into movies has always been an odd one, namely because it's A) kind of cringe, B) never seems to look right, and C) quite disrespectful. After all, who wants to see Audrey Hepburn eating a Galaxy bar?

Anyway, with 'Black Panther 2' still scheduled for a 2022 release, there's been a question mark over whether or not Chadwick Boseman might appear in a digital recreation of himself in the movie. However, in a recent interview with an Argentinian newspaper, Victoria Alonso - one of the producers of 'Black Panther' - made it clear that this was not going to happen.

"There’s only one Chadwick, and he’s no longer with us," said Alonso. "Sadly, our king has died in real life, not only in fiction, and we’re taking a little time to see how we continue the story and how to honor this chapter of what has unexpectedly happened to us, so painful and terrible to be honest."

Alonso added, "I know that sometimes in productions, two or three months go by and we say that too much time has passed,” she continued. “But it’s not too much time. We have to really think about what we’re going to do next and how, and decide how we’re going to honor the franchise."

'Black Panther 2' is set for release on May 6th, 2022.