A casting call for the as-yet untitled 25th Bond movie has revealed what kind of villain Daniel Craig will be facing in the near future.

According to a casting call seen by fansite MI6-HQ.com, the producers are looking for both a male and female Russian, with the male playing an age between 30 - 60, whilst the female would be playing an age between 30 - 45. The female lead is described as being "a survivor" and "brave, fierce and charming," as well as the actor playing her needing fighting / stage combat skills for the role. The male, meanwhile, sounds like one of those awful LinkedIn profiles - "charismatic, powerful, innovative, cosmopolitan, bright, cold and vindictive."

Isn't that a contradiction - being bright and cold? Anyway, there's also a third casting call for a henchman character, again looking for advanced physical and fighting skills between the age of 35 - 55, but this character is described as a Maori.

If you're thinking a fansite doesn't seem like a legitimate source, it's worth pointing out that the same fansite accurately reported the casting call for 'Spectre' which was eventually filled by Dave Bautista. There's no word yet on whether John Hodges has completed the screenplay, but if the casting call has gone out, there's usually enough of it written to begin pre-production.

'Bond 25' arrives in Irish cinemas on October 25th.