With Sam Raimi's first film since 2013 due out in a few weeks, film fans are catching up on the filmography of the beloved director.

Fans gathered in Dublin's Light House Cinema last night for a showing of 'Evil Dead 2' when Bruce Campbell himself surprised the audience.

The star introduced the cult 1987 horror classic, with the director of the upcoming 'Evil Dead Rise' Lee Cronin calling in a favour to get the star to appear at the screening.

As we reported last week, the star has been documenting his travels around Dublin on his Instagram page, but the star showed up unannounced at last night's screening.

Campbell had previously visited Dublin in 2018 to launch his book 'Hail To The Chin: Further Confessions Of A B-Movie Star'.

Campbell teamed up with Sam Raimi to make the original 'Evil Dead' movie in 1981 and made a sequel to the beloved horror classic in 1987.

'Evil Dead 2' has been cited as an influence on modern directors such as Edgar Wright and Peter Jackson.

The Light House cinema are showing the films of Sam Raimi in the lead-up to Sam Raimi's new film 'Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness'.

The new 'Doctor Strange' flick is Raimi's first film since 2013's 'Oz The Great And Powerful' which also featured Bruce Campbell in a cameo role.

Bruce Campbell is Sam Raimi's lucky charm, with the actor appearing in nearly all of the director's films, most notably in his 'Spider-Man' trilogy.

The Sam Raimi retrospective continues at the Light House and Palas cinemas in Dubin and Galway, and fans can catch the director's works on the big screen in the build-up to the new 'Doctor Strange' film.