Although they haven't played a single date on their upcoming reunion tour, the Spice Girls appear to be planning a good old-fashioned comeback that'll include not just sold-out concerts, but an animated movie as well.

That's according to Simon Fuller, who told Billboard that the pop icons are "making an animated movie and there's lots of exciting plans to come."

Fuller, who has been the Spice Girls' manager since the beginning of their career, also spoke about the tour itself, adding that he expected it to sell out as quickly as it did. "The last tour we did seven or eight years ago the demand was equal, if not maybe even more," said Fuller.

"It's a global phenomenon. They're more timely now than ever and it's fantastic. I'm so happy for the girls. They deserve it."

Emma Bunton, better known as Baby Spice, spoke about the possibility of an animated movie in the past, explaining that "(the) opportunities we get given, it's amazing. There is so much excitement, it's just about making sure it's the right thing."

So far, no screenwriter or director has been announced, and no release date has been scheduled - so it's probably a long while off before we see 'Spice World 2.0' in cinemas.