We’ve been fortunate enough to have Jeff Goldblum on earth for 66 years today. This year, as with every year since he broke out as an actor (some give ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ that honour while others credit it to his one-line stint in ‘Annie Hall’), we’ve borne witness to some Blum-ing great moments.

Last year, we marked Jeff Goldblum’s birthday by looking at his 10 Greatest Gifs. To mark the occasion now, we’re looking at 8 of our favourite Jeff Goldblum moments from this year:



Jeff Goldblum’s love for Imelda May

Goldblum told us when we interviewed him for ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ that Imelda May is “spectacular” as well as “the loveliest creature on Earth and the most talented musician I’ve ever heard.”

Just last month, he performed with the Irish musician on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ and we have to say, the more musical collaborations we see from this pair, the better a place the world will be.



The semi-naked Jeff Goldblum statue that appeared in London

We’re sure he had nothing to do with this – or did he? – but we couldn’t be more grateful for Now TV's campaign for the 25th anniversary of the cinematic re-release of 'Jurassic Park', because it gave us this.


Jeff Goldblum reads Skinner’s script for ‘Steamed Hams’

So you’ve probably noticed by now that we adore ‘The Simpsons’ here and we have a mild obsession with the ‘Steamed Hams’ bit but it’s easy to see how effortlessly Goldblum fits into the scene. After all, he too is delightfully devilish.



Jeff Goldblum’s movie performances

Admittedly, ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ was only so-so (probably could’ve benefited from more Jeff Goldblum, if we’re honest), but the rest of Goldblum’s movies the past year, including ‘Isle of Dogs’, ‘Hotel Artemis’ and especially ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, were all awesome.



Jeff Goldblum amazed by animals

We loved when the actor appeared on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’ this year and was absolutely enthralled by the wildlife – which included screech owls, river otters, a ring-tailed lemur and a vulture – that animal expert Jack Hanna brought on the stage.



Jeff Goldblum flirts a storm with Holly Willoughby

We all wanted to be Holly Willoughby here – don’t even try to deny it.



Jeff Goldblum eating hot wings

And now for 30 minutes of Goldblum eating hot wings. You’re welcome.



Jeff Goldblum reads thirst tweets

‘Nuff said.



His continuing, inspired sense of fashion

Jeff Goldblum is also a man who can dress. His fabulousness is extensive and eternal.