It looks like it's full steam ahead for '28 Years Later', as the third installment in the zombie film series has officially been acquired by Sony.

As we previously reported, '28 Years Later' was written by Alex Garland and will be directed by Danny Boyle - the same team that wrote and directed the 2002 original.

What's more, the original film's star Cillian Murphy is on board the project as an executive producer, although it's not yet known if he will act in the film (although he has expressed a desire to do so in the past.)

THR report that Sony won a "protracted bidding war" for the title, and the deal also includes a 'Part 2' film, which Garland will also write - but Boyle will not direct.

They add that each of the films is expected to have a budget of around $60 million and will be released in cinemas, rather than going straight to a streaming service - an aspect that was reportedly very important to Boyle and Garland.

It's been over 20 years since '28 Days Later' kick-started a new zombie genre, which spawned a sequel called '28 Weeks Later' in 2007.