Every now and again, one could use a little escapism. And Disney is one source you can always depend on for it. During the 2000s, they continued to dominate the world of animation.

Disney, aka the House of Mouse, has produced a plethora of family features over the years. Their 2000s movies continued to be top notch. This was probably boosted by the fact that Pixar, which had now really found its feet, were producing more gems than ever before.

We have our favourites from the decade, and we're sure you have yours too. So below you can rank them according to your preferences.

Perhaps you've always had a soft spot for a certain sovereign who liked to groove. Or maybe a tale about an alien who crash lands in Hawaii pulled your heart strings the most.

You might even have been moved by the plight of a father trying to find his son across an entire ocean.

Whatever you're partial to, you can vote below and check these movies out in the coming weeks as we'll certainly be needing more feel-good nostalgia.

You can catch all these classics and more when Disney Plus (aka Disney +) launches on March 24th.