Disney Pixar has been making us cry for pretty much the past 25 years. 'Toy Story' hit cinemas back in 1995 and its toys with feelings caught us in the feels too.

The movie studio hasn't altered in its objective to make us cry, as the latest from Disney Pixar, 'Onward' hits you right in the gut too.

For family movies, these movies deal with pretty heavy subject matter. Abandonment issues, death, letting go of your childhood, and aging are all in there.

We're looking back on those animated moments that make you ugly cry every time.

Obviously there are spoilers ahead, but everyone's seen these classics by now, right?


1. 'Up' - Carl & Ellie's married life


2. 'Toy Story 3' - The toys hold hands in the incinerator


3. 'Toy Story 2' - Jessie's owner Emily abandons her


4. 'Coco' - Miguel sings to Mama Coco to help her remember


5. 'Inside Out' - Bing Bong sacrifices himself


6. 'Toy Story 3' - Andy plays with his toys one last time


7. 'Finding Nemo' - Nemo's mom Coral dies


8. 'Walle' - Walle doesn't recognise Eve


9. 'Monsters Inc' - Sully says goodbye to Boo


'Onward' is in cinemas from this Friday, March 6th.