When we first covered the announcement of Metal Gear Survive back at Gamescom in 2016, we said then that the game was "different," but followed that up with Different Bad.

In other words, the departure from Konami of Hideo Kojima - who was the creative force behind the entire Metal Gear franchise from the very get-go, all the way back in the '80s - was going to have a palpable, measurable effect on the next Metal Gear game.

Looking at this trailer for Metal Gear Survive, which is now three days into its public testing, it's clear that Metal Gear as we knew and loved it is over for good. That's a tough pill to swallow, especially considering the hours we all sank into Snake Eater, Peace Walker, Guns Of The Patriots and The Phantom Pain - but it's over and we need to move with our lives.

So let's hope Death Stranding actually, y'know, gets released. Think we're joking about Metal Gear Survive?

Look at this co-op trailer and tell us how this isn't just some generic, bland, multiplayer survival shooter that you've probably played a dozen times already.