British developers Supermassive Games are certainly living up to their name, with their upcoming horror title 'The Quarry' has 186 ending variations.

Game director Will Byles spoke to IGN, and he said creating all these variations on an ending was a "mathematical nightmare."

“Writing a branching narrative is a really interesting exercise,” Byles said.

“We write a full, hundred-page screenplay as if it were a movie. We develop our character styles, and once we've got that, then we can start looking at how we break that out into a full 10-hour experience.”

The script-writing process is a complicated process, accounting for the choices players make in the game, as seen in their previous hit title 'Until Dawn' and their 'Dark Pictures Anthology' series of games.

Byles said the finished script for the game is over 1000 pages long, which he says "alarms" actors.

He pointed to actors typically working on a 100-page script for a film, and said actors on the games "get very alarmed because the scripts are huge."

"We have to shoot about 50 pages a day, which is unheard of. It's just a mad amount of footage. But obviously, a lot of what they're learning is the same thing again and again and again, but a different branch.”

"When it comes to branching it really is a mathematical nightmare," Byles said.

"It's just exponential. As soon as you branch, that's two completely different routes. You branch again, and the game creates two more and two more. By the time you're 20 choices in, you're in ridiculous amounts of data."

"We have to look at how we make a genuinely branching game without making it so ridiculously huge that it's unplayable or even unmakeable.”

Previous games from the developers featured the likes of Oscar winner Rami Malek, Will Poulter, Ashley Tisdale, and the next title in the 'Dark Pictures Anthology' series will star Ireland's very own Jessie Buckley.

'The Quarry' boasts a raft of familiar faces to horror fans, with 'Scream' star David Arquette, 'Insidious' star Lin Shaye, 'Aliens' star Lance Henriksen, Ted Raimi of 'The Evil Dead' fame and 'Twin Peaks' alum Grace Zabriskie among the cast.

The game is due out on June 10th, just in time for those summer get-togethers with friends.

'The Quarry' boasts a "movie mode" where players can set up some parameters and watch the action unfold without having to press a button.

With all the different variations outlined, there should be enough here to fill a box set.