Gamers have been waiting for the follow-up to the survival horror 'The Last of Us' from Naughty Dog since the original proved a massive hit back in 2013...

Its sequel, 'The Last of Us Part II', takes place five years after Ellie and Joel's perilous journey across America post-pandemic (a little close to home, right?).

They have now found a place all their own in Jackson, Wyoming. Ellie has even discovered love in the thriving community.

Still, the threat of the infected and an overwhelming number of survivors looms overhead.

Then a violent event shatters the peace and stability, forcing Ellie on a journey to find justice and closure.

In other words, she's out for revenge.

The game will finally be ready to drop this June 19th.

This latest trailer comes not long after hackers released some major leaks for the game including videos of cutscenes, gameplay and plot details. The leak came after the announcement that the sequel was postponed (again).

The official story trailer comes in at a running length of just over 2 minutes and now we seriously can't wait.


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