The web-swinger has seen many movie outings and is no stranger to the world of video games, and now fans can pay tribute to the man who started it all by playing as Stan Lee himself in the PC version of 'Spider-Man'.

The PC port of the 2018 PlayStation hit has been a runaway hit, and fans have modded the game so players can play as Stan Lee instead of Peter Parker.

There is a slightly surreal quality to the mod as Stan Lee's lips don't move, and seeing a 90-something man leap around like Spider-Man is quite strange, but the charm is unquestionable.

Modding is one of the main attractions for players to play games on PC, and this mod has already been downloaded hundreds of times.

Other mods allow players to wear the symbiote suit as seen in 2007's 'Spider-Man 3', shaders that restore the game to the quality seen at E3 2017, or if you're so inclined, a mod that lets you play as Norman Osborn (although sadly, no Willem Defoe voice file is available at time of writing)

PlayStation has brought a collection of their biggest hits to PC including 2017's 'Horizon: Zero Dawn' and 2018's 'God Of War', and the chance to play as your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man on PC has proven irresistible to PC gamers.

The sequel to 2018's 'Spider-Man' is due out sometime in 2023, with Spidey and Miles Morales teaming up against Venom, with 'Candyman' and 'Final Destination' star Tony Todd lending his gravitas and cool voice to Venom.