After almost six months of updates and patches, 'Red Dead Online' has finally finished its Open Beta phase and fully launched.

A host of new features are included in the last update, including major fixes for respawning, hostility, Free Room activities and more. In addition to the fixes, several new missions have been added to the 'Land of Opportunities' side quest, as well as 'Gunslinger' side quest.

One key area that's now been fixed involves respawning and hostility. 'Red Dead Online' now specifically tailors the game to whether you wish to play offensively or defensively. The default setting when you enter is Offensive, meaning that you can be shot and shoot back at players without fear of punishment. If you die, you'll be spawned further away if you're fighting someone who is also in offensive mode.

If, however, you attack someone who is in Defensive Mode, you'll be penalised for it. Not only that, if you're in Defensive Mode and someone shoots first, you're allowed fight back and defend yourself without penalty.

This has been a key problem for 'Red Dead Online', as quite a number of players prefer to play through without being challenged / griefed by other players.

Another new addition to 'Red Dead Online' is the addition of poker tables to various towns across the map, where you challenge five other players to high-stakes games. On top of that, Posse Versus mode now includes fishing, bird shooting and herb picking - in case you and some of your mates fancy going on a long ride of herb picking.

Whatever, we don't judge. Some people just play 'Red Dead Online' for the fishing and the hunting, and that's OK.

You can check the full list of features and modes added in the latest update here.