Thorn is part of the final season for Year 6 of the Ubisoft game and is the operator of choice for players who like to play as a Defender.

Thorn comes equipped with Razorbloom Shells, proximity devices that can be set to explode after a timer is set, along with a new weapon for the game, the UZK50Gi.

Thorn is a medium speed, medium armour operator who can be equipped with either the new UZK50Gi or the M870 as a primary weapon and with the 1911 TACOPS or the C75-AUTO as a secondary weapon.

For players who like to set traps, Thorn is the operator to plump for.

Full name Briana "Thorn" Skehan, no official word as of yet whereabouts in the country Thorn hails from, but we can officially rule Donegal out of the equation - her accent is too gruff in contrast to Donegal's sing-songy one.

Thorn, the latest Operator added to 'Rainbow Six Siege'

The High Calibre update is the final update for Year Six of 'Rainbow Six Siege', which overcame a rocky launch in 2015 to become one of the biggest-selling FPS games of the 2010's, and fostered a dedicated and competitive eSports circuit.

The game has over 75 million registered players and allows players to play as Operators from different counter-intelligence agencies around the world.

For the update, the Outback map has also been tweaked as part of the update, with the main building and its exterior have been modified "to allow the attackers to create and execute more effective strategies", while new exterior soft walls have been added to the building.

Balancing updates are also part of the update, with Finka, Echo and Mozzie’s drones being slightly tweaked for balance.

To mark the update, players can earn double Battle Pass Points from November 12th-15th.