The world of esports and gaming is one of ever-growing popularity and Twitch, the internet's largest live-streaming platform for all things gaming and esports (as well as plenty of other things), has a large part to play in its widespread appeal.

In Ireland, much the same is true, and the nation boasts a wide spread of streamers with dedicated followings large and small, although a lot of the time the general public rarely hear about them. This is why we’ve put together a list in no particular order of seven great Irish Twitch streamers you need to know about.

7. Audrey_fn

Audrey is an Irish streamer who mainly streams games like 'Fortnite', 'The Sims', 'Left4Dead 2' and 'Phasmsaphobia'. Affiliated with the GamerStore Legion, Audrey streams with viewers on Saturdays and has built quite the interactive community.

You can find and follow Audrey at

6. MissLunarMagick

Broadcasting live from County Clare since 2013, MissLunarMagick is a variety streamer but tends to focus on open-world RPGs and single-player games. Mostly known for loving 'Fallout' so much, you can also expect to see MissLunarMagick playing 'Resident Evil Village' or even 'Call of Duty: Warzone' for the first time from streams over the past few days.

You can find and follow her at

5. Jimmy_DeWhiskey

A small streamer, Jimmy_DeWhiskey is a Monaghan man in Dublin streaming cross genres with games such as 'Sekiro' and 'Cuphead' in rotation. That said, Jimmy is a fiercely competitive FPS gamer and streams gameplay of 'Battlefield V', 'Apex Legends' and 'Warzone' too.

You can find and follow him at

4) Mr_Gibbon

Ed Gibbon is an Irish streamer who has risen to prominence over the last year for his content on Twitch and TikTok. He streams on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, playing all manner of FPS games from 'Call of Duty: Warzone' and 'Cold War' to 'Apex Legends' and upcoming titles.

His content is top tier, and similar to some of the larger American streamers like TimTheTatMan and NIckMercs, albeit with the bit of Irish cheek that our nation is renowned for.

You can find and follow Ed at

3) xTwoShoes

xTwoShoes AKA Dan is a variety streamer hailing from the big shmoke of Dublin. As a variety streamer, he plays across a lot of games, with 'Fall Guys', 'Subnautica', and random 'Just Chatting' streams appearing most recently. Dan also provides many useful tips for small streamers starting out and growing their audience on Twitch on his YouTube channel.

You can find and follow Dan at

2) Wylde_gg

Wylde_gg is the official team streaming channel for WYLDE, the performance-focused professional Irish esports team. WYLDE fields professional teams in 'Rainbow Six: Siege', 'Rocket League' and 'FIFA 21' and we’re very much looking forward to seeing their rise to international acclaim promoting Irish esports and gaming content creators.

One of their creators to watch is up and coming Irish streamer Kye from the heart of Ireland. Kye likes to play lots of different types of games, but mainly stream FPS games at the moment.

You can find and follow them at and

1) TheGaraShow

Chris is TheGaraShow, a very entertaining and energetic Irish streamer always looking for his followers to join in on the craic. TheGaraShow streams many games across 'Fall Guys', 'Fortnite', 'Warzone' and 'Among Us', and is affiliated with the GamerStore Legion, hosting some of their gaming tournaments.

You can find Chris at

Of course, this list is far from exhaustive of the hundreds of great Irish streamers out there so make sure to let us know of them in the comments section of our social media or in our Live Twitch chats.

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