This month's PS Plus free games have gone online for this month to celebrate the service's tenth anniversary - with three games now available instead of the regular two.

'Rise of the Tomb Raider', released in 2015, is now available for free to PS Plus subscribers, and with it comes the 20 Year Celebration add-on. This includes the 'Blood Ties' single-player DLC, co-op endurance mode, Extreme Survivor difficulty on single-player, VR support, and plenty of new skins / designs for Lara Croft too.

'Erica', an interactive story-game, was released around this time last year and harkens back to FMV games of the '90s with a full cast, shot like a movie, but with decisions made by the player during key moments of the story. It's a bit weird, and if you're unfamiliar with FMV games, it might be a bit too much.

Finally, 'NBA 2K20' is available for free on PS Plus this month, having been available for next to nothing on the Nintendo Switch only last month. Why's that, you ask? Well, to put it mildly, the reception to 'NBA 2K20' from players hasn't exactly been positive - but hey, it's a free game on PS Plus and you can delete it any time you like.