Prime Day is the newest holiday to add to the calender, and Amazon Claus has gifted gamers across the land with some amazing offers.

The headline act is 'Mass Effect: Legendary Edition' being available to Prime members, and frankly, 100 hours worth of content being given away for free is a steal.

The 'Mass Effect' games are an epic space opera that lets players live out their sci-fi fantasies, and the greatest gaming saga of the 7th console generation is available to claim now for Prime members.

We ranked 'Mass Effect: Legendary Edition' as one of our favourite games of 2021, so picking up a critically acclaimed masterpiece for free should be your first port of call on Prime Day.

The offer expires on July 13th, so if you want to get in on the action, act quick.

A bevy of 'Star Wars' games are also available for sci-fi fans to sink their teeth into, such as 'Star Wars Republic Commando' and the classic 'Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy'.

For gamers who like their action more down to earth, 'Need For Speed: Heat' and 'Grid Legends' are available to download for free, meaning that petrolheads are also catered for in the Prime Day festivities.

Gamers who enjoy a dash of politics in their games will be well-advised to pick up 'Suzerain', which tasks players with rebuilding a war-torn nation emerging from a brutal civil war and 20-year long dictatorship.

An assortment of fighting games are also available for players who want to bulk up their PC library.

The offers expire tomorrow, July 13th, so if you are reading this piece the day the article drops you only have precious time to snag some gaming goodies.