Pac-Man is one of the pre-eminent names of all of gaming, and now the pill-chasing ghost is making his way to the big screen.

The 'Sonic The Hedgehog' movies have become a license to print money, and now the films producer Chuck Williams will bring Pac-Man to Hollywood.

'Pac-Man' doesn't exactly scream cinematic potential - how can you make a 2-hour movie out of a yellow dot chasing ghosts? - but stranger things have happened in Hollywood.

Mind you, 'Pac-Man' has such massive iconography and generational appeal we may well get a 2-hour 'Fury Road' style movie about our hero avoiding ghosts in a maze, plot be damned.

No word as of yet on a director or cast (although if we were to hazard a guess, Jean Luc-Godard and Daniel Day-Lewis could make a stab at it) but the announcement indicates that Hollywood has seen the vast box office potential of movies based on video games.

Earlier this year, 'Uncharted' made over $400 million at the box office, while the sequel to 'Sonic The Hedgehog' proved to be a smash success with families, raking in the same amount in box office gross.

Films based on classic franchises like 'Streets Of Rage' and 'Duke Nukem' are in the works, and 2021 hit 'It Takes Two' has also been floated as a potential film, as Hollywood rushes to acquire the next big franchise.

The 'Pac-Man' franchise was one of the very first video games to become a mainstream success, with the character becoming an early video game mascot and household name.

The first 'Pac-Man' game debuted in 1980 and the franchise is still going strong today, with 2022's 'Pac-Man Museum' putting 14 games from the series in one neat compilation.

'Pac-Man' can be found on just about anything with a screen, with the game playable on Google Chrome, arcade cabinets, phones and even calculators.