If there was ever a video game character made for the silver screen, it's Duke Nukem, and now the alien-blasting hero is making his way to Hollywood.

A 'Duke Nukem' film has been floated for years, with Michael Bay attempting to crack the film with John Cena in the leading role, but the creators of Netflix hit 'Cobra Kai' are the latest creative team to bring the one-liner action hero to the big screen.

Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg will produce the film, with Legendary, the company behind blockbuster 'Godzilla vs. Kong' and the Oscar-winning 'Dune' on board.

No word yet on a star or director being attached to the project, but considering how the 'Cobra Kai' team rebooted 'The Karate Kid' for a new generation, their spin on 'Duke Nukem' is likely to be just as successful.

The original 'Duke Nukem' was released in 1991, but the franchise caught fire in 1996 with the release of 'Duke Nukem 3D', becoming one of the very first 3D first-person shooters.

The gameplay was innovative by 1996 standards, and players quickly became fond of the titular character for his army of one-liners cribbed from the films of Sam Raimi and John Carpenter.

The most recent entry into the series, 'Duke Nukem Forever' is regarded as the most infamous instance of development hell in the history of video games, and by the time the game arrived in 2011, the game was greeted with a critical drubbing.

Despite that, the character remains hugely popular, so much so that fans are still working through older versions of 'Duke Nukem Forever' to get a glimpse of what the game could have looked like.

As for the Hollywood side of things, video game films are a hot commodity with the new 'Sonic' film becoming a major hit with audiences and 'Uncharted' launching a franchise earlier this year.

Time will tell if the big screen version of Duke will be allowed to recite one-liners made famous by other action films, but with the 'Cobra Kai' team on board, we can expect it to be a knowing, but loving homage to past glories.