The 'Forza' series has served as Xbox's answer to the 'Gran Turismo' series, and now the 'Forza Motorsport' series is getting an overdue revival for the new console generation.

Turn 10 Studios, the team behind the 'Forza Motorsport' series will be giving the series a new lease of life for the new series of Xbox consoles.

The aplty-titled 'Forza Motorsport' will release for Xbox consoles next Spring, and Turn 10 Studios say the game will be the most technically advanced game in the series yet.

Considering how we used 'Forza Horizon 5' to put the new HP gaming laptop to its limits, this is an indication of how seriously Turn 10 are taking the new game in the series.

The game has been built with the next generation in mind, and the gameplay footage was created in-engine and runs on the Xbox Series X.

The game looks simply stunning in motion, continuing the proud series tradition of torturing GPU's and making our consoles work as hard as possible.

The 'Forza Motorsport' series has been dormant since 2017's 'Forza Motorsport 7', but the series is now primed for a comeback.

Taking a trick from the 'Gran Turismo 7' playbook, the time of day will affect ambient temperatures and that will change how tires feel on different track surfaces at different speeds.

And unlike 'Gran Turismo', car damage will be a major part of the game, with the devs claiming that car damage is reproduced down to the individual scratches on the bodywork.

The developers claimed "Car damage is a racing reality and has been authentically captured in the new Forza Motorsport."

The gameplay demo showed a race on Maple Valley, a track from the original 'Forza Motorsport' which was a launch title for the Xbox 360 back in 2005.

'Forza Motorsport' is due for release in early 2023, and coupled with 'Starfield' due out around the same time, next year could be the most exciting year for Xbox owners in ages.