The latest entry in the 'Forza Horizon' series has become Xbox's biggest ever launch, with over 10 million players availing of the game in it's first week.

With the game available on Xbox's Game Pass system as well as a release on PC, these numbers are still very strong for the game, which is a testament to just how bloody good the game is.

Over 10 million players have enjoyed racing around a digital recreation of Northern Mexico, and these numbers are set to increase further as the holiday season approaches.

The game had a strong early access week, with over 1 million players taking part in the pre-launch week fun, but the strong word-of-mouth and wide availability has made the game a bonafide hit.

We called the game 'distilled racing game excellence' and gave it only our second 5-star rating of 2021 in our review.

The 'Forza Horizon' series has been a consistent hit for Xbox and developers Playground Games, but the reaction to this game has been like no other, with the game being snubbed for Game Of The Year at the upcoming Game Awards considered a shock by many gaming journalists.

Amazingly, the biggest launch in Xbox history could still yet be beaten - December sees the release of 'Halo: Infinite' which is already topping player charts on Steam.

After all, if there's one thing that can top high-powered sports cars, it's Master Chief.