Surprising just about nobody, 'Fortnite' is now back online following the "black hole" event that basically wiped out the game and closed down its servers for a short period of time.

'Fortnite Chapter 2' launched today with a new trailer, showcasing all of the new features, new map and new emotes and skins available. The new map / island does appear to be familiar, especially to those who would have played 'Fortnite' in its earliest stage. Mixing wild forests and hills with fewer urban areas, the new map also added more rivers and lakes as well as a new vehicle class - boats - to help players get around. Not only that, you're now able to fish for items as well.

The familiar battle bus is still there, and players who were initially worried that their in-game currency was gone can rest assured as all appears to be working as before. However, new features include a better hiding system - with players now able to spring out of haystacks and bushes - and a new progression system that sees you earning more points from doing things beyond just winning matches and scoring kills.

Here's the new trailer. 'Fortnite Chapter 2' is available free to play now on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch.