'Fortnite' has been one of Epic Games' most profitable games, generating an estimated $2 million per day at one point in its life-cycle.

Since then, it's fair to say the game's fortunes have fluctuated, what with the arrival of the likes of 'Apex Legends' and 'PUBG' into the same circuit. 'Fortnite' splits itself into seasons, with each new season adding in new skins, new weapons and a new addition to the general game mode.

Previous seasons have seen pirate and tropical themes, a giant cube moving through the map, not to mention a superhero-themed season and lots more besides. However, the tenth season ended with a giant black hole sucking up the game's entire map and the game itself. Currently, if you log on to 'Fortnite', you're greeted with an image of a black hole and a series of numbers appearing randomly on screen.

This, however, is how it played out in the game itself.

So, what does it all mean? Initially, the speculation was that Epic Games was simply shuttering 'Fortnite' for good and that the game itself was effectively over. This seems highly unlikely, not the least of which being that the game itself is still extremely popular. The likelihood is that the game is set to undergo a massive overhaul, more than likely changing the entire map of the game itself and restarting the whole process.

As mentioned previously, 'Fortnite' is hugely profitable for Epic Games. Each season of the game usually lasts for ten weeks, and the end of Season 10 or Season X as it's referred to by players, was right on schedule. So far, Epic Games have made no formal announcement on what's happening, and the black hole - as of writing - is all you see when you log on to the game's servers. If you enter the Konami Code, however, you're brought to a mini-game.

More than likely, a new season of the game will be announced in the coming days.