If you need an idea of just how popular 'Final Fantasy VII' was, here's a little tidbit we reported on a few years ago.

When the CIA took over Osama Bin Laden's compound in Pakistan, there was a copy of 'Final Fantasy VII' found on one of the computer hard-drives. Now, it's highly unlikely that Bin Laden played the game, or even knew what it was, but that is a verified fact by the US intelligence community.

Anyway, all that aside, 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' has been slowly building pace and with it now set for release in the coming months, the marketing and promotional campaign has really kicked things up a notch.

Yesterday evening, the official Final Fantasy YouTube channel debuted the opening, five-minute-long cutscene to give people a taste of what to expect. In a nutshell? It looks truly incredible. The level of detail and precision in the graphics is all self-evident, but what you get from it as well as it the sense of scale of it all.

Not only that, the final part of the cutscene is lifted straight from the original game all 23 years ago, and it's still as epic as ever.

'Final Fantasy VII Remake' hits shelves on April 10th, 2020 and our hope is to have a full review and breakdown of the game before then.

For now, check this out.