In case you think this is a satirical headline or something, we're actually getting this directly from the CIA's official website and everything.

According to files and records declassified and made public today, Osama Bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan had a copy of Final Fantasy VII and - presumably - a PlayStation 2 to play it on. Not only that, the CIA also confirmed that Bin Laden had a copy of Resident Evil, animes Storm Rider: Clash Of The Evils and Batman: Gotham Knight, and Antz.

The game was listed as part of redacted materials from the CIA's data dump as they're considered copyrighted material, and can't be added to the archives of publicly-available material.

While it's possible that Bin Laden might have been playing as Cloud Strife, the far more likely scenario was that some of the children inside the compound were playing it. Either way, it's kind of odd to see a Japanese RPG from twenty years ago pop up in the middle of a declassified CIA document dump.