With Liverpool and Manchester City duking it out for glory, fans will be able to re-enact those crucial moments as 'FIFA 22' is the big free title for PlayStation Plus subscribers next month.

With the subscription service undergoing a major revamp next month, Sony have pulled out all the stops and have secured a blockbuster title for their free game grab bag.

'FIFA 22' was the best-selling title of 2021, and now more fans than ever can get their hands on the game - of course, presuming they haven't already.

Recent offerings on the service have been, to put it politely, crap, so the addition of a blockbuster title like 'FIFA' is welcome news.

For those without an interest in football, Sony have managed to conjure up a decent selection.

Tribes of Midgard is a survival action RPG that allows for solo or co-op play, and is set within the Norse mythology.

As an Einherjar, returned to life by Odin himself, players must gather a tribe of up to 10 players to defend the Seed of Yggdrasil from evil forces set on bringing about Ragnarök.

Players are tasked with venturing out and exploring the wilderness of Midgard to gather the resources, materials, and hidden treasures essential to forging new weapons, armour, and fortifying your village.

Rounding out the collection is 'Curse of the Dead Gods' for PS4, a single-player roguelike where players must navigate a labyrinth of bottomless pits, traps, and monsters alike.

Players have until May 4th to claim this month's titles which include 'Hood: Outlaws & Legends', 'SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated', and 'Slay the Spire'.

The revamped PlayStation Plus service will be launched next month with players able to pick from a selection of classic PlayStation games and two-hour game trials, among other goodies as Sony attempts to match the success of Xbox's Gamepass service.